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Rotex Label Maker Tape

Rotex is a high-quality label maker tape that is perfect for embossing cards, paper documents, or even stash cards. It comes with 288 2-pakks woodgrainpapers.

1 (ONE ROLL)  ROTEX Embossing Tape GlossyπŸ“’GOLD 3/8


By Rotex


Rotex 1/4 Inch x 144 inches BLACK Manual Embossed Label Maker Tape NOS

Rotex 1/4 Inch x 144

By Rotex


Rotex 880 Label Maker

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Rotary Label Maker

The rotary label maker is a great tool for creating labels from using a 14-foot-long (4. 5-meter) uv-gel-based adhesive the label maker has a value of $48e for the 48e 38mm 14mm wheel dial pack (the 38 is the size of the dial pack), and is available in discounts for the full-time students in mind. The label maker can create labels for the embossing tape, such as those for a phone case, a business card, and a document. this product is arotex 38 manual embossed label maker tape. 2 packages w2 rolls total of 288. the rotex label maker is a small, compact label maker that uses 38 9. 5mm tape. It is great for creating historic or custom labels. The rotex label maker is also easy to use and requires very little space. this is a vintage black avery rotex label maker with an original box and key chains. It comes with two key chains - one for the front and one for the back. The front key chain has a key ring and the back key chain has a magnet. This make for easy label creation.